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EVEMS240-100 – Black Box Innovations – Electric Vehicle Energy Manager for Service Sizes 60A, 100A and up to 60A Charging

$999.00 + HST

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These can be used to control general-purpose devices that can tolerate load shedding with the same settings above, up to a max of 40FLA/50A. See installation instructions for more information.

Both 80% and 100% rated EV breaker settings are available for most combinations.

240-208V / 120V, Single Phase – 60, 100, 125, 150, 200 Amp

MAX POWER OF DEVICE CONTROLLED 240-208V, Single Phase – 50 Amp Resistive Load 240-208V, Single Phase – 40 FLA

EV CHARGER TO BE CONTROLLED 240-208V, Single Phase – 20, 24, 30/32, 40, 48 Amp Load *
*20A option only on Model EVEMS240-100 for 60A service

MODEL NUMBERS BY TYPE EVEMS240-100 for 60, 100 Amp Main Electrical Service Beakers Size EVEMS240-200 for 125, 150, 200 Amp Main Electrical Service Beakers Size

Dimensions: L: 8” x W: 6” x D: 4”

*This device does not need additional breakers to what is required to feed the 240-208VAC end device to be
controlled. The end device current is to be set by the installer. See installation manual.

Designed and manufactured in Canada. Inspected and labeled by Intertek in Canada.